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Movie Fans is a Movie Wiki type of app, which is created with SwiftUI and Combine framework. The purpose I create this one is I want to get a taste about SwiftUI and Combine when WWDC Apple published these two new framework in beginning of 2020.



Feature Highlights:

  • The movie data is fetched from TMDB API, a RESTful site.
  • Compositional collection view including sections as `Trending`, `Now Playing`, `Popular Movies`, `Hot Stars` . Those sections are updated daily.
  • Rich details view of each movie, star, even directors, including cover images, bio, movie screenshots, similar recommendation.
  • A nice search function to let user filter their favorite movies.
  • Firebase mobAd supported.
  • Localization supported on English && Chinese simplicity.


Have an interesting? Install it from left QR code.

Meantime, it is open sourced, repo

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