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Should I learn Objective-C in 2020?

Another interview today, as this company’s product is a video app, they focus more on memory and performance. Then, I got lots of questions on Objective-C like MRC, Category, how to locate error from iOS app crash stack, how to invoke C or C++ in code.

I answered really badly this time since I get more about Swift, I didn’t realize that Category is extension in Swift and MRC is Capture list in Swift at that time.

Although, the interviewer is nice, he told me that I should learn OC and C++, though Swift get more and more support, libraries, there is still tons of old apps which written in OC need to be maintained. Thus companies will hiring guys who could use OC to maintain their apps, especially the big companies.

Well, I have Swift in belt, published 2 apps in App Store. For now, I get used to the basic grammar. Never create complicate apps with OC. Should I dive into OC in 2020?

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